Author & Inspirational Speaker

Simone Scialdo Krasan compels audiences with her riveting true story of survival and loss. In 1991, Simone fell overboard an Italian ferry and plummeted 40 feet into the Adriatic Sea. Through determination, composure and faith she survived 18 hours before miraculously being rescued.

Her story has appeared in news publications internationally, in Woman’s World  magazine, and she appeared on The Oprah Show.  Today Simone lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and her three young children.  While she made a complete recovery from her ordeal, she still carries the experience with her.  She knows what it is to be lost, and then found.  She knows what it is to find love, lose it, and find it again.  She knows the feeling of floating on faith, holding onto hope as the only real life raft.

She regards her time at sea as a gift, an exercise in resilience that has shaped her life and her values.  She uses this blessing to help others, serving as an inspirational speaker at churches, schools, women’s retreats and conferences – sharing her insights for living a deeper, more purposeful life.